Reduced Operational Costs - Savings are quite large in applications where high solid loadings & hazardous waste production is an issue.

Reduced Hazardous Waste Handling & Production - Throw away media such as cartridges, paper and others, normally make up most of the hazardous waste volume; in some cases it exceeds 70% of total volume. In Filtrex Systems the only hazardous waste is the contaminant itself.

Minimum Operator Interface - This reduces cost and exposure to hazardous material.

Permanent Filter Media -The system elements are normally manufactured from materials which are compatible with various chemicals and service conditions, precluding abnormal applications, the service life of the elements could be indefinite.

Backwash Fluid Requirements Are Minimal - If compared with the backwashing of a sand filter. The Filtrex System requires a small fraction of clean fluid for backwashing. Example, for a service flow of 1000 g.p.m., the sand filter will need 45000 gallons of clean water to backwash. The Filtrex unit will need only 250 gallons.

Custom Design & Engineering - Filtrex will design and supply units to match the exact requirements of any particular application. Almost all systems are field tested and are configured for ease of integration with the end users' existing installations.

All Filtrex Systems Are Skid Mounted and ready for connection with existing lines. Skids are available with optional equipment such as pumps, dewatering systems and other accessories needed to satisfy any particular service requirements